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Italian “Speziale” Herb-Laboratory (Laboratorio Speziale© Italiano).

It is a herb laboratory and as well a bitter-liquor laboratory.

It is direct by Fabio Ambrosi, Italian Urbino’s University, School of Pharmacy, graduated herbalist, since 1984. In 2014 he finished the “perfection course” in Phytotherapy and Phyto-Vigilance at the Department of Experimental & Clinical Medicine, Florence University. He has been awarded of the Diploma in Scienza della Nutrizione e Dietetica Applicata, at the University Unitelma Sapienza of Rome.

Already Medical Herbalist of UK education, with training made in Clinics of Herbal Medicine of London and Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He studied as well etnomedicine in India, in more than twenty journey in thirty years; and also in North America, Brazil, Chinese Asia, Phippines, Central Africa e Middle East.

The laboratory produces several herbal remedies, and also some bitter liquor defined “speziali”. “Speziali” is an adjective from the word “Speziali Veneziani”, “Venetian Herbal Drug professionists” of the time of the old “Serenissima Repubblic of Venice” (697-1797). His researches done upon the traditional remedies and spices products of “Speziali Veneziani”, and of Italian ento-botany, European and Commonwealth ones, have permitted to realize the proposed products of this laboratory, The Laboratorio Speziale© Italiano.

Other studies are outlined in the web site www.ambrosi (please see the English section, at the voice: “Curriculum”).

He is director of the “Centro Terapie Naturali Institute” of Oderzo town, North Italy, one hour of car North to Venice. This Institute is officially enrolled in the National Register of the Institutes for Researches of the Italian Ministero dell’Istruzione, dell’Università e della Ricerca, M.I.U.R. (voice: C.T.N. Institute, cod. 61865UYD) . (this web site is in Italian language only). Other elements of the curriculum of Dr. Fabio Ambrosi, may be found in the English page of his web site: